вывод сеткой
Elbow adapter
Elbow adapter can be supplied:
- without port;
- withcapnography port and protective cap;
- with extension tube (corrugated configurable / non-configurable,
antimicrobial, smooth-bore);
Y-adapter can be supplied without a port and with various ports, sealing plugs for ports, protective test-cap.
straight adapter
Output dimensions: 22M-22M, 22F-22F, 22M-22F, 15M-15F, 15M- 15M,22F-22M/15F, 22M-22M/15F, 15M-22M, 15M-22F,22M-30F,
22M-30M, 18M/15F-22M/15F, 7M-10M, 10M-15M, 10M-18M, 10M-22M, 10M-22F, 18M/15F-22F, 15M-22M/18F, 7M-10M/7F, 10M/7F-15M/10F, 10M/7F-18M/15F, 10M/7F-22M/18F, 10M/7F-22F
elastic adapter
Output dimensions:10M-22F, 19M-22F, 15M-15F, 15M-22F,10F- 4F/22M, 22F-15F, 22F-18M, 10F-15F
swivel adapter
Swivel adapter can be supplied:
- without ports;
- with ports for sanitation and bronchoscopy with an elastic plug;
- with an extension tube of 150 to 220 mm in length (corrugated configurable / non-configurable, antimicrobial, smooth-bore);
- with protective test-cap.
T-connector supplied with a temperature port with or without a protective cap.
The outer protective-testing caps are bright red or blue colour to prevent mechanical suspensions from entering the circuit during transportation, unpacking, assembly, installation of additional devices etc.