Medical catheters are made of a polymeric material with non-phthalate content. The polyadipate used as a plasticizer does not represent a health risk and approved in the EU countries. The use of this plasticizer provides great durability of the product due to reduced migration of the plasticizer into the surrounding tissues of the body.

вывод сеткой
Nelaton catheter is designed for catheterization of the urinary bladder by men.
Tiemann catheter
Tiemann catheter ( male) is designed for short-term catheterization of the bladder in patients with urethral pathology.
Female catheter
Female catheter is used for catheterization of the bladder by women.
Foley catheter
Foley catheter is used for prolonged (up to 7 days) catheterization of the bladder and various medical manipulations.
Suction catheter
Suction catheter is intended for aspiration of the tracheobronchial secretion and sputum from the respiratory tract of patients undergoing mechanical ventilation, as well as independently breathing through a tracheostomy or endotracheal tube.
Suction catheter with vacuum level control
Suction catheter with vacuum level control is intended for tracheobronchial aspiration.
Feeding catheter
Feeding catheter is intended for enteral nutrition and administration of medicines.
Umbical catheter
Feeding catheter special umbilical is used to perform infusion therapy or exchange blood transfusion in newborns through the umbilical vein.
Suction catheter
Levine duodenal suction catheter is designed for taking and draining the contents of the stomach and duodenum, as well as for enteral feeding.
Feeding catheter
Levine duodenal feeding catheter is intended for duodendal probing with a therapeutic or diagnostic purpose, as well as for enteral nutrition.
gastress catheter
Stomach tube is used for aspiration of contents and gastric lavage, as well as for enteral feeding.
Rectal catheter
Rectal catheter is used after surgical interventions on the intestine.
Surgical drain catheter tube
Surgical drain catheter tube is used for aspiration-washing treatment of internal cavities in various areas of surgery.
Connecting catheter tube
Connecting catheter tube has a wide range of applications such as extension lines for various purposes, airways, drainage connections, flexible connections in medical devices.
Oxygen catheter
Oxygen catheter is used for long-term and short-term oxygen therapy.